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At Loveprinted we offer attractive posters and wall art based on Swedish nature that surrounds us. With our posters and wall art, you can give your home character and yourself something to enjoy. Our posters and art prints are for everyone and we know you’ll find something that speaks just to you.

Here you will find decor inspiration for every room of your house. No matter how big or small your home is. Our affordable wall art is for every room and occasion. Explore our nature posters and illustrated graphic posters we love so much to create your own wall of art. 
We’re continuously updating our range of posters and prints . Be sure to follow and check out our Instagram account for tips and inspiration using our posters, wall art and nature prints in your own home.

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Nature posters

Calendars, posters and wall art, wall decor inspiration


Never miss out on a fun festivity or a birthday. Write down all your dear moments on this beautiful ‘365 days to celebrate’ calendar while we take you on a journey through Sweden a whole year round.

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Graphic posters and wall art, wall decor inspiration

more than words

Graphic posters and wall art, wall decor inspiration

make your statement


Loveprinted created sixteen wonderful postcards. Each and every one representing our Swedish surroundings. Love printed in a tiny frame. For you to send, for you to keep and perhaps to collect. We will change our range of postcards regularly. Like the seasons do too. We really hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

Postcards, posters and wall art, wall decor inspiration

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"Dankzij een leuke korting 2 posters van Loveprinted mogen ontvangen. Het is lekker overzichtelijk op de site, ook via je mobiel. Snelle en fijne service vanuit Zweden met als resultaat 2 nieuwe aanwinsten voor in ons huis. De posters zijn afgedrukt op een mooie kwaliteit papier, lekker stevig, dus minder snel kans dat het gaat kreuken. Dit zullen zeker niet de laatste posters zijn die ik bij Loveprinted heb besteld. Onwijs bedankt!"

Mirjam - Nederland

"I was pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery and the perfect quality of the prints. These beautiful pieces of art look so good in my interior, truly the center of attention in my home. I would recommend everyone who is looking for a little piece of beautiful Sweden to stop by at Loveprinted. "

Jeff - United Kingdom

"Después de mucho pensar, porque me encantan todas , por fin me he decidido por dos láminas: GLOW y MIST. El pedido llegó en muy poquitos días , y en excelentes condiciones a pesar de la larga distancia que nos separa. Las fotografías son maravillosas, y la calidad del papel en el que están impresas también. Es un papel grueso, resistente y en calidad mate : PERFECTAS. Y una vez colocadas, son ventanas abiertas a la naturaleza. Estoy encantada con mi elección, tanto que repito seguro."

Isabel - Espagne