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We are Loveprinted! A brand founded by a Dutch creative couple and located in Värmland, Sweden. Inspired by flora and fauna we combine our passion for photography, graphic design and interior design in our webshop. Be sure to check back frequently with us as we continue to add new products to our collection. We hope you will enjoy our products the way we do. Thanks for visiting.

Chantal Bruienne - Buil


The serenity of nature makes me want to get lost in it for days on end. Wandering this inspiring landscape for beautiful images and designs makes me incredibly happy. If I’m not out and about I like vintage home interior, gardening and baking.

When days get darker and temperatures plunge, I’m at my best. The magical autumn light that brushes the golden leaves, the crisp touch of winter…here I thrive. But then again, all seasons are incredible.

Jasper Bruienne

Graphic designer | webdesigner

On paper or screen….mending my pixels and bending my vectors in full color or mixing HTML, CSS with a dash of Javascript on the side. Just trying to make beautiful things for you to enjoy in RGB or CMYK.

When we wander in nature I carry a backpack with sandwiches and maybe a flask with some nice hot tea. I’ll be on the lookout for colourful birds or mushrooms as we roam the serenity of nature.  

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