Spring and summer postcards.

I’m bringing you spring and summer

11th March 2020

Just when I had completely given up on winter, snow flakes started to fall from the sky. Honestly, who’s messing with me up there? I can name a few. I would’ve loved it a few months ago but not anymore. So I decided to collect some of our prints, postcards and our calendar to give you and myself that lovely spring and summery feeling.
Having our second cup of coffee in nature.

Second cup of coffee

15th February 2020

For a little while now my husband and I have decided to take some us time while our daughter is in school. We both like being our own boss but realised we didn’t reap the benefits of that often enough. No one is going to be angry with us for taking a couple of hours off, right?! And nobody cares if we decide to work a little during the evening when our daughter is tucked up in bed. So we decided to have our second cup of coffee somewhere in nature instead of at the kitchen table.

Something had to change

12th February 2020

We’re living in our Sunne home for nearly two years now. It’s such a lovely home and I’m still very glad about the interior/colour choices we made back then. I’m not a person who’s often changing the complete look of a room. Are you? And what do you like changing most? I do shuffle a bit with decorations and/or plants but I’ll hardly buy new things . And when I do it’s vintage most of the time as I really have a soft spot for old stuff. In the past I loved changing things around all the time and even changing styles. But for about 4 years I’m really true to this style we have, whatever style it is. This is really us and homey and I simply still love it a lot. But all of sudden something had to change.

Where is winter hiding?

6th February 2020

The past few months aren’t as expected. Early November we had our first share of snow and it was the best but now I’m wondering 'where is winter hiding?' It really does worry me. This can’t be right. This ísn’t right! I often wonder what it will be like when our daughter is our age. It’s just sad isn’t it?! It’s also quite confusing as I was looking forward to crispy white days since June. Yes honestly, since June. The colder seasons are my favourite but I really needed to reprogram myself because my mind and heart was longing for it so badly and this winter is really disappointing. Do you know where winter is hiding?
Swedish semlor

Make the best Swedish semlor yourself

30th January 2020

Hello there. Yes I know, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted a blog. And you know what…I don’t even have a reason. It just didn’t happen. But now I’m back and determined to blog more regularly. Everything is great and OK here. Still very much enjoying the Swedish forest life. I hope all is well at your end too.


20th May 2019

For quite some time I'm having the loveliest early morning walks or bike rides. As soon as our daughter is off to school, which is around 8 AM, I'm ready and very willing to be active outdoors. The other week I hopped on my bike and I had this trip planned. A trip that we once drove with the car. I thought I knew exactly how to ride it but a little later on I realised I took the wrong excit.

Love for leaves

9th May 2019

When we were about to move I didn't dread many things. The contrary really as there were so many things to look forward to! But having to give up on my plants was just terrible! Of course I knew I couldn't take all my plants with me as I had about 60 of them. Storing them in Holland with the moving company would mean the end of them. They'd be in dark containers all the time.

Hidden treasures

23rd April 2019

Not everything in life stays fun forever. Or tasty. Or bad. But nature just never ever bores me. Nature never ever disappoints. No matter the weather it's always a treat and a sight for sore eyes. Even though our home is located in the middle of a forest we still go on adventure in nature somewhere else. We love those trips as a family!


18th April 2019

Never before a house felt like home this quickly. People following me on IG will know that at the end of 2017 we’ve emigrated to Sweden. One of the best decisions ever! After the house hunt and a little renovation, which all together lasted four months, we moved from our rental home in Småland to our lovely house in Värmland. Funny fact is that today last year a Dutch moving company arrived at our home in Sunne to bring us all the things we had stored there.
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