Where is winter hiding?

6th February 2020

The past few months aren’t as expected. Early November we had our first share of snow and it was the best but now I’m wondering 'where is winter hiding?' It really does worry me. This can’t be right. This ísn’t right! I often wonder what it will be like when our daughter is our age. It’s just sad isn’t it?! It’s also quite confusing as I was looking forward to crispy white days since June. Yes honestly, since June. The colder seasons are my favourite but I really needed to reprogram myself because my mind and heart was longing for it so badly and this winter is really disappointing. Do you know where winter is hiding?

Hidden treasures

23rd April 2019

Not everything in life stays fun forever. Or tasty. Or bad. But nature just never ever bores me. Nature never ever disappoints. No matter the weather it's always a treat and a sight for sore eyes. Even though our home is located in the middle of a forest we still go on adventure in nature somewhere else. We love those trips as a family!
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