I’m bringing you spring and summer

Spring and summer postcards.

Just when I had completely given up on winter, snowflakes started to fall from the sky. Honestly, who’s messing with me up there? I can name a few. I would’ve loved it a few months ago but not anymore. So I decided to collect some of our prints, postcards and our calendar to give you and myself that lovely spring and summery feeling.

Our wonderful 365 Days to Celebrate calendar and its beautiful June feature. Before you know it wild flowers will start to grow again. Just hang in there!

Hydrangea in summer

Never a dull moment on your shelves with one of our bright and fun postcards. I did the test and yes, it really works. When looking at the postcard after having seen the dull weather my mood has instantly lifted.

Reflection lake in Swedish nature.
Poppy, colourful summer flower.
Forget me not summer flower.
Blue door in summer.
Hallsjön lake in summer.

Loveprinted has got nature prints representing all seasons. Above you’ll see a small selection of our bright ones. The big one is perhaps not as colourful but I really wanted to show you this one as well as it’s our latest poster called Secluded and is taken near home during one of our family adventures. To see all our nature prints and graphic prints make sure to click here.

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