Second cup of coffee

Having our second cup of coffee in nature.

For a little while now my husband and I have decided to take some us time while our daughter is in school. We both like being our own boss but realised we didn’t reap the benefits of that often enough. No one is going to be angry with us for taking a couple of hours off, right?! And nobody cares if we decide to work a little during the evening when our daughter is tucked up in bed. So we decided to have our second cup of coffee somewhere in nature instead of at the kitchen table.

I love being outdoors. We both do. But I love it even more when it’s during the early hours. There’s something extra magic about being outdoors during that time. It feels good to have the extra exercise too. I mean, working behind the computer for Loveprinted, packing orders and have them delivered at the post office doesn’t feel like a work out. The photoshoots for clients I sometimes have aren’t that sporty either. So it’s good to add a little more physical exercise to the daily routine. In the past I was being active way more. I feel like picking that up again. Take better care of my body. We’ve only been given one so we better treat it right.

Enjoying our coffee with a view.

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