Something had to change

We’re living in our Sunne home for nearly two years now. It’s such a lovely home and I’m still very glad about the interior/colour choices we made back then. I’m not a person who’s often changing the complete look of a room. Are you? And what do you like changing most? I do shuffle a bit with decorations and/or plants but I’ll hardly buy new things . And when I do it’s vintage most of the time as I really have a soft spot for old stuff. In the past I loved changing things around all the time and even changing styles. But for about 4 years I’m really true to this style we have, whatever style it is. This is really us and homey and I simply still love it a lot. But all of sudden something had to change. Nothing big, mind you.

Something had to change
It looked like this first.

But I don’t know, all of a sudden this graving for changing something came over me. I blame the weather, it múst be the weather. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to paint the stone walls in our living room. This room is the only room in our home that has just white walls. I now fancied a warm colour instead of white. A colour that would spice things up a bit. Again, blaming the weather. But who ever is to blame, the first attempt was a complete failure. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of that but if I would have you still wouldn’t see anything. It was the most dull green colour that was only visible when the right light would hit these walls. Bummer! 

We decided to buy a new colour the next weekend. Funny thing was that during that week I was hardly ever aware we had this new colour on our walls. I was looking for a colour that would spice things up but this pale sort of green wasn’t doing anything for our room. Maybe we should have tested it first but honestly, I don’t like to test things like this. Long story short, we now have this wonderful colour named Green Harmony by Jotun and it’s exactly what we were after. This is perfect! It adds cosiness and liveliness to this space and we all like it. Hejdå white, hej hej green!

The green colour we changed it into.

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