Where is winter hiding?

The past few months aren’t as expected. Early November we had our first share of snow and it was the best but now I’m wondering ‘where is winter hiding?’ It really does worry me. This can’t be right. This ísn’t right! I often wonder what it will be like when our daughter is our age. It’s just sad isn’t it?! It’s also quite confusing as I was looking forward to crispy white days since June. Yes honestly, since June. The colder seasons are my favourite so I really needed to reprogram myself because my mind and heart were longing for it so badly but this winter is really disappointing. Do you know where winter is hiding?

red wet berries in winter
snowed under trees in winter
Husband and daughter during winter

But I’m always and forever grateful for all our adventurous trips we are making as a family. No matter the weather it feels good being outside. I love it when my husband is making a big fire and we’re grilling some dough on a stick to delicious freshly baked bread. With in our other hand a lovely cup hot cocoa which we never go without this season. 

Nature is bringing us so much beauty, so much magic. Let’s take better care of it before it’s too late! 

Little island of trees during winter
misty trees in a forest in winter

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2 Responses

  1. I totally understand you, dear Chantal. Our winters here in north Spain are of course mild than in Sweden, but this year, apart from a couple of days, it has been warmer than expected. We have had February days of 20 or even more degrees . I long for cold crispy winters too. I really hope it is not too late.

    1. Hi dear Isabel. Thanks for the lovely reply. It’s worrying, isn’t it. I can’t understand how people can be happy about these weird temperatures when they really should be much lower. Take care!

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